Getting Started

On this page, we've collected the first steps of your journey to become a Skillgo developer. If you follow these steps, you will create your first Skillgo e-learning course scorm package.

1. Download Skillgo

First you need to download and install the Skillgo editor. Choose one of the following according to your platform:

2. Choose text editor

You can use several different text editors to edit your lesson, we recommend the three below:

Visual Studio Code - this is a free editor developed for programmers, with many convenience features, which supports asciidoc syntax after installing a plug-in.
Available from here: Download Visual Studio Code

AsciidocFX - this is a format specifically designed for editing asciidoc, which is the basis of Skillgo. Its advantage is that you can achieve a lot of asciidoc formatting in it using their quick menus. Its disadvantage is that it can freeze up on videos.
Available from here: Download AsciidocFX

Notepad++ - this is a simpler editor that also supports asciidoc syntax after installing the appropriate plug-in.
Available from here: Download Notepad++

3. Get a template

A template will make your journey much easier by providing you with live examples and quick hands-on experience. You can get the Hamster Template, or take your time to explore some others on the Templates page.
The templates are zip folders containing all the files needed for the e-learning course.

4. Put the whole thing together

Now you have everyhing in hand, let's put all these things in action!

  • Start Skillgo, register and login
  • Extract the example template zip file
  • In Skillgo, Click on "Open course" and select the extracted folder
  • With "Preview", you will already see the e-learning course result!

Now, open your text editor and find the main.adoc file in the template folder. Whenever you change the content of the file, you will see the changes in Skillgo at the same time.

5. Tutorial options

Here you can find out what features can be accessed and used with Skillgo:
Skillgo Tutorial

In our complete learning material you'll find everything you need to create your first Skillgo e-learning course!